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The Bronzeville Way

Bronzeville Books is an independent publisher focused on elevating voices and stories that have long been underrepresented and need to be told. Bronzeville Books breaks down dividers, whether that’s in genre, mediums, or representations of characters to be inclusive and disruptive. Publishing books for teens and adults in a variety of formats and genres, Bronzeville Books unites readers and writers through outstanding stories.

We are committed to producing a generation of racism-free literature to ensure a racism-free future.

I am a Man

Within Bronzeville, writers and publishers work together to make room for all stories. It’s a place where talent is nurtured; the focus is author-centric, not on the individual book but on the longtime career of the author. We work deeply with authors on editing and revisions and provide publicity and marketing support for their work. The publishing house is supported by reader dollars, not institutional. We have chosen to succeed in the free market only, and not according to charitable influence. In this, we may home grow, from Black American talent, the cultural output required to resist generational erasure.

Bronzeville authors are provided the freedom to express themselves and use their voices in a way not always encouraged by Big Five publishing. They’re willing to take chances and challenge themselves to explore different points of view and different vehicles including novels, short stories, and works in between. Their stories are heartfelt and each unique voice is true to itself. Within Bronzeville, they remain that way.

Bronzeville Books calls people in, creating a community where all are welcome, regardless of genre, age group, color, gender, or sexuality. Migration principles. Make room. Get in. Fit in. We believe we will find common ground through storytelling and honest conversations.

We hold and uphold the Black American cipher.

Bronzeville Books is committed to disruption. While operating as a traditional publisher, partnering with traditional bookstores and libraries, we intend to prove there’s a demand for these untold, often uncomfortable, but very necessary stories. This includes nontraditional exploitation of the works with audiobook production, merchandising, and performance of appropriate content with our contract partners.

We publish untold stories from authentic voices. Bronzeville authors are willing to take chances and challenge themselves to explore different points of view. Their stories are heartfelt and each unique voice is true to itself.

Authors whose stories we’d love to publish include Dorothy Tillman, Adam Clayton Powell, Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, Octavia Butler, Ocean Vuong, Langston Hughes, and Carmen Maria Machado.

We have had an overwhelming response and are backlogged with submissions. We are currently only accepting agented or invited proposals, but please sign up for our mailing list and you’ll be notified when we reopen submissions.