Bronzeville is now open to submissions for an anthology called Twisted LoveTwisted Love will feature stories with unsettling and unconventional relationships. Give us stories of toxic relationships or lovers bound by crime or fetish. Think Soldier and Angel from Hap and Leonard, season 1:

Payment Policy

We pay $0.05 U.S. per word for first Worldwide English publication rights for stories up to 3,000 words in length. We have no minimum length requirements for submissions; however, we will not consider submissions that exceed 3,150 words.

Preferred Genres

Preferred genres include crime, sci fi, fantasy, horror and YA.

Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions

Writers may submit one story to all open Bronzeville platforms. Those who submit a story to Twisted Love may also, for example, submit a story to Bronzeville Bee if it is open to submissions.

Writers may not submit more than one story to Twisted Love.

Writers may simultaneously submit to other venues. We ask that you notify us if the story is accepted elsewhere and withdraw the story from consideration.



Format your subject line as follows: Twisted Love Submission – Story Name – word count – genre

Example: Twisted Love Submission – ‘This is My Story’s Title’ – 2725 words – horror

Your story should be sent as an attached Word Document. We will not read PDFs, shared Google Doc files, RTF documents or any other type of document. Submissions that do not include an attached .doc or .docx file will not be processed.

The text in your story should be black.

The font should be a standard font, such as Times New Roman.

The text should be 12 pt or 14 pt.

The first line of every paragraph should either be flush left, with a blank line between paragraphs, or it should be indented half an inch using the format settings feature, not space-space-space-space-space or tab.

Do not underline text in your story. If text is intended to be in italics, put it in italics.

Refer to the guidelines found here for the information to present at the top of your story document.

Submissions that do not include the word count will be deprioritized for review.

Take time to study submission guidelines. Many publications use comparable guidelines; there is nothing unusual about ours, but we receive many submissions that have sloppy formatting (with some paragraphs indented and others not) and other abnormalities. Presentation matters. We’re paying pro rates per Duotrope guidelines; we expect writers to strive for professional presentation.

The best submissions include:

  • the story title in the subject line with the word count and genre
  • the words Bee Fiction Submission in the subject line
  • no more than a short introductory line or paragraph citing the word count and genre of the story — NOTE: multiple paragraph queries for short fiction will not be read. You do not need to tell us about the inspiration for the story, which authors inspire you, what size shoes you wear, or anything else.
  • again, the word count of the story in the email and/or subject line
  • the author’s bio (approx. 100 words written in third person)

Absolutely no adults having sex with minors or anyone having sex with animals. 

We will not publish works that appear to promote hate towards people based on their religion, race, gender or orientation. While we may publish a story about racism, or that has sexism or bigotry as a component, there’s a line between writing about something and endorsing it. When necessary, we will hire a sensitivity editor to review content.

“While we will consider stories that deal with sexual abuse, the acts should be alluded to but not detailed. We are not interested in publishing stories that would appeal to pedophiles or abusers.” – Sandra Ruttan

Word Count Limit

3,150 words


Include your story as a .doc or .docx attachment, a bio written in third person that is 80 words or less, and a high resolution photograph you own the rights to that can be published with your work.


Email Sandra Ruttan:

Deadline: November 26, 2019


An auto-reply will be sent to every email received at the appropriate email account. Receiving the auto-reply is confirmation that your submission has been delivered.

Please read the auto-reply and double-check your submission to ensure that you included your attachment and all the requested material.

An automated reply with pertinent information is sent to all emails received. If we receive a 'failure to deliver' notice in response to the automated reply your submission will be deleted unread.

Many writers are not following the submission guidelines. You may not have your submission processed or receive notice from us if you do not follow the guidelines. The automated reply is set up to advise writers of critical changes and information to ensure that their submission is processed.


We are not currently considering reprints for Twisted Love.

Please note: Submissions with multiple stories or sent to the wrong address or that exceed the word count will not be processed. Writers will not be notified.

and information to ensure that their submission is processed.


Detailed submission guidelines, including payment information, are available on The Bronzeville Bee's submission guidelines page. They apply to all Bronzeville short fiction submissions. Your Paypal account must be registered in your legal name in your country of residence and must be verified. Failure to provide a Paypal account that meets these requirements may result in payment delays because Paypal may refuse to transfer the money. In these cases, Bronzeville is not responsible for the delay in payment. In the event that we learn an account provided is not registered in the author's legal name in their country of residence (unless they have an accountant, agent or manager who is legally authorized to receive funds on their behalf) we reserve the right to terminate the contract.