Bronzeville Books is proud to introduce its online magazine, the Bronzeville Bee.


Bronzeville Bee publishes short fiction. Submission guidelines can be found here. You must follow the link to learn about the submission guidelines and to find out if we are currently open to new submissions.


Bronzeville Bee publishes nonfiction articles. Nonfiction submission guidelines can be found here.


Questions and submissions should be directed to Sandra Ruttan:


Submission guidelines are maintained at Bronzeville Bee. Read them before submitting material. Read them before sending material or questions. The submission guidelines at Bronzeville Bee are regularly updated and maintained and your best source for accuracy.

Bronzeville Bee publishes articles most days of the week. These include non-fiction articles on contract, short stories we've accepted, reflections pieces written by Bronzeville Books' editorial team, and writing and publishing articles written by Bronzeville staff. Read what we publish before submitting. to ensure that your pitch or story may be a good fit for us.

We will not publish any content we perceive as being a cultural or personal attack, or content that promotes racism, sexism or bias against other diverse groups.