Bronzeville Books is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of its online magazine, the Bronzeville Bee, scheduled to debut in May.



At this time, The Bronzeville Bee is open to short fiction submissions. Typical submission length for stories should be 2,500-3,000 words. Preferred genres include crime, sci fi, fantasy, horror and YA.


Payment is 5 cent per word for first Worldwide English publication rights for stories up to 3000 words. (We will consider shorter stories; stories 3000 words or less will take priority for publication consideration.)


**We are not currently considering reprints. Stories must not have been previously published online in any form, via website, blog, etc.


Simultaneous submissions are allowed; however, we ask that you inform us immediately if you place your story elsewhere.


Multiple submissions are accepted, but no more than 2 stories per writer (whether under their real name or a pseudonym) should be submitted at a time.


Stories that are rejected cannot be resubmitted.


Please use the formatting guidelines found here.


Submissions should be sent with the words 'Short Fiction Submission - Magazine' in the subject line. The story should be sent as an attached Word document.

Absolutely no sex with minors or animals. 



The Bronzeville Bee will also be publishing non-fiction articles. The Bee will consider pitches from diverse writers who will write about arts, culture & entertainment by diverse artists. Information requests and pitches can be sent to Sandra Ruttan via email.

Please put ‘non-fiction article information’ or ‘non-fiction article pitch’ in the subject line and allow up to 2 weeks for a response. Flat rate professional pay for articles 1500 -1800 words in length of $150. 10 cents per word for articles 1499 words or less.

Refer to the site and published articles to ensure your pitch is suitable. The Bee will be considering pitches for July and August beginning June 1.

Questions and submissions should be directed to Sandra Ruttan:

Please reference Bronzeville Bee Pitch or Question in the subject line of your email.