Open Calls For Submissions


You’ve heard of illicit affairs, illicit sex, and illicit pictures. Bronzeville Books asks why our culture considers so many types of love, sex, and bodies illicit while we don’t blink at the truly forbidden – theft, murder, fraud. In Illicit the first erotic anthology from Bronzeville Books, we’re looking for stories that showcase the beauty of love once considered forbidden alongside actual crimes and criminal behavior. If you’ve got a kinky bank robber, a queer hitman looking for more than one way to score, or a disabled private eye looking to solve a case and get some lovin' along the way, we want your story. We want people, sex, and bodies not usually seen in mainstream ideas of sex and sexy, and we want tight, fun crime plots. Pro pay. 3,500 words or less.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

No more than two submissions per person will be considered.

Sex in stories must be consensual, no minors, no animals, no exceptions.

Send submissions to with the subject line: ILLICIT SUBMISSION.

See for formatting instructions. Submissions are due June 30, 2019.