Submissions Policies and Guidelines

Please take the time to read through our submissions policies, guidelines and process. Our open calls appear below.

What we publish:

Our primary interest is in YA, crime (mystery/thriller/suspense), sci fi, fantasy and horror; however, we love genre blends and champion works that infuse the best elements of genre. Whether you weave romance in with your mystery or have a sleuth who's a ghost, we're interested.

We accept simultaneous submissions from authors without representation; if you accept representation or accept a publishing contract elsewhere please do us the courtesy of emailing to withdraw your submission.

We will consider up to two manuscript submissions per author at a time; please feel free to indicate in your query letter that you have additional completed projects.

***Agents can query the acquisitions editors directly. 


Bronzeville Books will not publish works that would be seen as promoting racism, discrimination, pedophilia, sexual abuse or animal abuse.

*Please note that every submission receives an automated reply. If we receive a response to the automated email indicating the automated email's delivery failed we will not review your submission and you will not be notified. Make sure that your email account is set up to receive automated replies from before submitting.

Bronzeville Books does not respond to queries about manuscripts until five months from the submission date has elapsed.

See for formatting instructions. Our one note: do not underline text in your manuscript. If any text is intended to be in italics, put it in italics.

Submission Guidelines

We will not review PDF documents or RTF documents. Please send .doc or .docx only.

For specific submission information for different manuscript categories, please refer to these links:

Guidelines for Children's Picture Book submissions
Guidelines for Graphic Novel submissions
Guidelines for Novella submissions
Guidelines for NA and Adult Manuscript submissions
Guidelines for YA Manuscript submissions
Non-fiction may be considered on a case by case basis.

Please follow all submission guidelines. We prioritize processing complete submissions. An incomplete submission, or sending us material that is sent in formats we will not review, can lead to a rejection.

Currently Accepting Submissions:

Guidelines for Non-Fiction Article submissions: Bronzeville Bee (offsite link)

*Guidelines for Short Fiction submissions to Bronzeville Bee (offsite link)

*Guidelines for Twisted Love submissions

*Bronzeville Bee short fiction and Twisted Love are only open to newsletter subscribers at this time. In order to be eligible to submit material subscribe to Bronzeville Bulletin here. Newsletter subscribers receive at least one week of advance notice of submission calls for Bronzeville projects. Once subscribed you are eligible to submit immediately as long as you follow the other submission guidelines.

Individuals who received a revise-resubmit invitation for their manuscript may still submit their material. Follow the appropriate guidelines and state in the first line of your query (which should be in the body of the email, not a separate word doc) that you received a revise-resubmit invitation. This will be confirmed and your submission will be processed.

Currently CLOSED to Submissions:

In Effect as of Friday August 9, 7:00 AM EDT. This is a temporary short-term closure while we clear submissions.

We are currently closed to submissions of the following:

  • novella
  • novel
  • graphic novel
  • children's

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Questions? Email Submissions:

Bronzeville Bee

Bronzeville Bee is an online 'zine that publishes short fiction, reflections on books, writing and publishing insights, and arts, culture and entertainment articles.

Before submitting to Bronzeville Books, consider referring to Bronzeville Bee to gain insight into what the editorial team has to say about prologues, writing a synopsis, #OwnVoices, and more. Refer to reflections articles to gain further insight into the type of books that have impacted our editorial team.