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An Explosive Collection from Crime Fiction Powerhouse Nikki Dolson

In Love and Other Criminal Behavior, crime fiction powerhouse Nikki Dolson drops thirteen stories exploring the many different ways to love—and just as many ways to end up dead.

The collection starts with "Georgie Ann", a tale of kept women, betrayal, fake friends, and oh, so much blood. Nikki doesn’t pump the breaks before throwing the reader into the ring in "Take the Hit", where Kendra must go back into the boxing ring and throw a fight if she hopes to fulfill her dream of having a family.

In "Sunrise" Nikki takes us to the desert to die. But not before unwinding the lost loves, regrets, and complicated relationships all plaguing one family, as two cousins try to decide whether they’ll let their beloved Uncle join his late first wife.

Nikki wraps up with "Our Man Julian", about a washed-up actor who is cultivating a wild San Diego garden, and a lifetime of loneliness and regret. Hit with the reality that he will die soon with no savings and nothing to offer the daughters he loves but barely sees, he plans an outrageous kamikaze mission. But can a man who’s survived it all really turn off that survival instinct?

Love and Other Criminal Behavior will keep your heart pumping fast, right up until it’s broken.

Available from Bronzeville Books in January 2020.


Nicki Dolson's Love and Other Criminal Behavior, a collection of short stories, was acquired by Bronzeville Books via the Sobel Weber literary agency. 

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Nikki Dolson


Nikki Dolson is the author of Love and Other Criminal Behavior (January 2020) and All Things Violent. Her short fiction has been published in Shotgun Honey, Thuglit, Bartleby Snopes, Day One, and other places. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Nikki Dolson is represented by the Sobel Weber literary agency.

For more information about Nikki Dolson visit her website.


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