Cover by Dyer Wilk

Love and Other Criminal Behavior

April 2020

Nicki Dolson's Love and Other Criminal Behavior, a collection of short stories, was acquired by Bronzeville Books via the Sobel Weber literary agency. Wednesday September 18, 2019 we revealed the stunning cover, designed by Dyer Wilk. Nikki Dolson's work is scheduled for release January 2020.

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Cover by Dyer Wilk

Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become

October 2019

Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become is a collection of 12 horror/dark fantasy stories exploring the most terrifying parts of human and non-human nature. Journey into these worlds and face the foes our characters may -- or may not -- overcome. Purchase now.

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Cover by J.T. Lindroos

Twisted Love

February 2020

Love. It’s often considered the purist motivation a person has for their actions. We grow up seeking it from parents, extended family and even deities. As we get older, we look for a different kind of love from a partner. Love is desirable and noble, and so often, what can push us beyond the limits of reason.

When the love we have for a person or deity is twisted it becomes distorted, dangerous, even deadly.

Twisted Love explores the dark side of love gone wrong. This collection features disturbing tales about how love can push us to defy the laws of God and man. Indulge in these tantalizing tales and ask yourself just how far you would go for love …

Featuring stories by Kelli Owen, Hailey Piper, Lawrence Block, J.D. Rhoades and more.

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