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To Boldly Remain

by Danny Gardner, Founder, Brand Ambassador

Originally published at Do Some Damage. Some edits occur.

In Q3 2018, after an eighteen-month start-up phase, I quietly founded a publishing house with a brand-centric focus, rather than genre-centric, to respond to readers' desire for stories that are told according to the blended lives of mystery, crime, suspense, romance, and adventure we're already living. To publish at a standard high enough to earn our readers' respect and dollars, and return them to the creators they admire, all so the magic continues. A publisher of the people, for the people, publishing books for the children of the woods, mountains, desert, and concrete, delivering them to bookstores other folks wouldn't, handing them to readers many think we shouldn't. To start conversations across oceans of perception, we've chosen to be a publisher that brings people closer together, so the gaps may be crossed within the span of a few good stories, and if not, then we'll print more, as long as folks keep crossing.

The going canard is we're a diversity player, which is one way of viewing the venture. Bronzeville Books' founder and some of its initial investors are African American. Women comprise its publishing leadership. Our inaugural class of authors reflects much of this diversity, thus, "we good," as we say out Sout'.

We're excited to present to our readers the results of diversity, in function. You'll feel it in our choice of books to bring to market. Hooking up readers with great stories and the folks who create them, irrespective of the limits in perception, is what we do. Selling great books. Loving those who read them. Honoring and supporting those who write them. It's as old as publishing. Nothing untried and untested about it.

Bronzeville was the neighborhood of my birth, and the place books first came alive for me. We want Bronzeville Books to make reading come alive for you. If you're a reader or a writer, and you feel ghettoized by those who currently set the tone, roll through Bronzeville. You'll see how beautiful the ghetto can be.

Danny Gardner, Founder
Bronzeville Books
An Allied Gardner Company